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Any way you want it.

That's the way you need it.

Fully customizable filters help find your perfect movie. Simply enter in what you're looking for and choose from the results.


Now for the first time in an iPhone app is random episode generation. Don't waste time scrolling through Netflix, have QuickFlick do the heavy lifting for you.

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Your movie. Your way.

QuickFlick finds your perfect movie based on your needs. Set your preference of genre, cast, year, and rating to create a list of movies tailored just for you.


QuickFlick also allows you to bookmark movies for later and mark the one’s you’ve watched so they don’t reappear in search results.

Find an episode. Faster.

Wouldn't it be great to have a shuffle button for your favorite TV show?


Find an episode faster with QuickFlick's random episode generator. Simply choose a TV series and let QuickFlick take it from there.


 No more scrolling through Netflix to find an episode.

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